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Egyptian grapes headed for early start

Egyptian grapes headed for early start 2“We had a very warm winter, which had a positive effect on earliness,” said Amr El-Beltagy of exporter Belco. “We estimate that the season might be a week earlier than usual, starting with white grapes in the first week of May, or in the second week at the latest, and finishing with red grapes in the third or fourth week of June.” However, although warm winter weather may have aided producers in bringing the harvest time forward, it may also result in lower soil fertility. “ It looks like there is going to be a decrease in production is some areas of Egypt due to the lower fertility of the soil resulting from the weather conditions,” explained Tarek Bedir of Magrabi Agriculture. “We expect our production to be down a little compared with last year, but nothing is concrete at this moment.” Egyptian grapes headed for early start 1Meanwhile the Karsten Group’s Alewyn Mouton says Karsten will start its export programme from Egypt around week 17. “There are indications that the crop will be done across the Egyptian industry. We will be packing Sugraone, Flame, some Thompson Seedless and Crimson Seedless towards the end of our season.”]]>