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Jabelpa Trust

Living on farms is peaceful but require hard physical work and are characterised by remote living areas and lack of social services.  Rural farm workers may earn money in order to take care of their families, but the worker is no longer available to provide emotional support to their family and do domestic activities at home. The ‘social status’ of the worker changes and needs to be addressed. South African research made it clear that within broken systems farmworkers perceive their employer as their main support system – which ad up responsibilities to the Karsten Group.

What is our goal?

Our goal is to increase Karsten’s social capital. Social capital is defined as social relations that have productive benefits.

The importance of balance between career and social development are continuously emphasised and we strive to spend ample resources to facilitate and develop both.



We aim to develop Karsten employees and their families to promote social change, problem-solving in human relationships, and the empowerment and liberation of people to enhance wellbeing and improve quality of life.


Equip and assist stakeholders (parents and teachers) involved in the education of children to contribute optimally and enhance self-actualization.

Support Karsten employees emotionally, spiritually and physically to enhance:

  • employee wellness and resilience
  • quality of life and hope for the future
  • social capital and productivity.


The bottom up approach is being followed.  Through need assessments (like facilitation of a world café) we harvest ideas from stakeholders (parents, teachers, learners, production farm managers).  We use the power of conversation to create the future.  We transform ideas into actions.


Developmental areas

The following developmental areas are being identified according to needs.

  • Health:  Mental and physical health, Clinic services; Therapeutic/prevention services by social workers
  • Sport and recreation:  Sport, recreational facilities, clubs
  • Educational: Daycare and aftercare centers; youth camps, life skills training; parent-child attachment play program, computer labs
  • Spiritual development: Amos and Patmos program, Praise and Worship Events.


The main benefit of social development is the enhancement of social capital of the Karsten Group through the improvement of interpersonal relationships and the skills development.  Another benefit is the development of the public-school community by enhancement of quality teaching, “bridging” the gap between parents, teachers and learners and improvement of the wellness of learners.

Additional benefits are:

  • Safeguarding and sustainable supply of fruit through the implementation of a people centered program.
  • Empowered parents to offer a secure base for children to develop optimally.
  • Strengthened families which form the basis of a strong work force, communities and the country.
  • Healthy employees that participate in sport.
  • Employee wellness referring to employees being mentally and physically in good shape - resulting in high levels of productivity.
  • Safe and secure aftercare centers and creches on Karsten farms that enhance emotional, academic, spiritual and physical development of learners.
  • Schools where total wellbeing of learners are developed through sports development, academic support, food gardens and play therapy services.

Empowered teachers who teach with passion and kindness.

We need you

We need partners to develop individuals and families to promote:

  • Social change
  • Problem-solving in human relationships
  • Empowerment and liberation of people to enhance wellbeing
  • Quality of life