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Please note: We have been made aware of scammers impersonating Karsten with the selling of poultry and livestock. We are NOT in any way affiliated with these scammers and ask that you please contact us directly should you be unsure.

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Hoogland produces excellent pears and The Karsten Group’s production focuses mainly on Williams Bon Chretion (Barlett), Packham’s Triumph and Forelle, the blushed pear cultivar.

Forelle has become one of South Africa’s best performing pear varieties and the Ceres region is perfect for Forelle production in South Africa.


Harvest Week: 10 to 12
Colour: Blushed
Market Season: Late Season
Market Sector: Export & Local

Karsten Packham's Triumph Pears


Harvest Week: 6 to 8
Colour: Green
Market Season: Mid Season
Market Sector: Export & Local

Karsten Bon Chretion Pears


Harvest Week: 4 to 6
Colour: Green
Market Season: Early Season
Market Sector: Export & Local