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Horizon Fruits Logistics (Pty) Ltd

Horizon Fruits Logistics was established in 2007 to meet the demands of exporting products on behalf of the Karsten Group. By having its own logistics company the Group ensures the control of the products in the supply chain and thereby quality is not compromised during the journey from the farms in South Africa to clients throughout the world. The original five staff members who joined at inception are still with the company and at present sixteen people make the wheels turn. Volumes of containers grew from 1450 per year in 2007 to the current 7500 per year.

Shareholding in Horizon Fruits Logistics (Pty) Ltd is held by Karsten SA Holdings (Pty) Ltd, Suiderland Plase and Fruit & Veg International. The Chairperson is Piet Karsten Snr and his leadership is a positive contribution to the success of Horizon Fruits.

The products that are handled include grapes, apples, pears, stone fruit, citrus, dates, nuts, raisins, fish, fishmeal and fish oil. Mutually beneficial and sustainable relationships are established with service providers and customers to ensure growth in the organisation.

The social responsibility of the Karsten Group is enhanced by converting used containers into classrooms, clinics and kitchens on various farms and in community development projects.