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Karsten Orange River

Hectares Under Production

The Lower Orange River region, stretching from Groblershoop, about 100 km south-east from Upington, through towards the west, is South Africa’s most important early grape growing region. It is also the heartland of the farming activities of The Karsten Group.

Here, several farms located over a distance of more than 300 kilometres, produce the finest tables grapes, dates and citrus fruit.

The Karsten Group farms are located over a vast area, following the Orange River as it snakes its way through the rugged desert land west of Upington.

Each of farms has its own unique micro climate that allows them to ensure a constant supply of fresh produce from early until late in the season.

Although table grapes still dominate the production of The Karsten Group farms in the Orange River region, citrus fruit and dates also make significant contributions to the market.

 Table GrapesWineApplesPearsPlumsCherriesProteasTotal
DE OUDE OPSTAL (Prop Owned)3030
DE HOOP (Prop Owned)4747
HOOGLAND (Prop Owned)151141114190
KROMVLEI (Prop Owned)603292
VREDE (Prop Owned)6161
NAUDESHOF (Prop Owned)6060
LOURENSFORD (Joint Venture)120136924317408
Namaquasfontein (Prop Managed)88
Other (Prop Managed)6525
UITVLUGT (Prop Managed)581270
VERGELEGEN (Prop Managed)4949