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The Karsten Group acquired Hoogland in 2000 and has since then redeveloped the apple and pear portfolio, as well as introduced a range of the best available plum and cherry varieties. Hoogland, with its very cold winters and fairly mild summers, offer the opportunity for not only growing apples and pears, but also cherries, which are also dependent on the specific cold winters. Being a late farm in terms of climate and fruit maturity, Hoogland focuses on fruit varieties and cultivars which ripen late in the season and are most suitable to this micro climate. In the case of apples, bi-colour varieties do particularly well at Hoogland.

The production capacity at Hoogland was extended in 2003 when a neighbouring farm, Welvaart, was acquired and became part of a consolidated and bigger Hoogland Estate. To date the Hoogland/ Welvaart Estate is planted with 157 ha of apples and pears, 14 ha of plums and 14 ha cherries. This estate is an excellent high producing unit and can compare with the best farming units in the Western Cape.