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New Varieties and Other Products

The Karsten Group’s new apple varieties include Brookfield Gala, Rosy Glo and Royal Beautt. In addition to the main pear varieties, Packham’s Triumph and Forelle, we also grow Abatte Fetel, Williams Bon Chretien, Sempre and Buerre Bosc pears. The plum range includes Flavour Fall, Flavour King and Larry Ann and African Delight. The table grape cultivars include Crimson, Rally, Scarlotta, Sweet Celebration, Midnight and others.

The Karsten Group is proud to announce the production of wine grapes. Varieties include Merlot, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Shiraz.

Hectares Under Production

 Table GrapesWineApplesPearsPlumsCherriesProteasTotal
DE OUDE OPSTAL (Prop Owned)3030
DE HOOP (Prop Owned)4747
HOOGLAND (Prop Owned)151141114190
KROMVLEI (Prop Owned)603292
VREDE (Prop Owned)6161
NAUDESHOF (Prop Owned)6060
LOURENSFORD (Joint Venture)120136924317408
Namaquasfontein (Prop Managed)88
Other (Prop Managed)6525
UITVLUGT (Prop Managed)581270
VERGELEGEN (Prop Managed)4949