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Karsten Marketing

Karsten Marketing (Pty) Ltd’s product range includes a comprehensive range of the best table grape varieties, as well as apples, pears, plums and dates. More recently some of the best new cherry varieties were planted at the Karsten Group’s Hoogland Estate to boost the product range. Production of oranges, lemons and pigmented grape fruit are on the increase at a major development in the Orange River, while pistachio nuts and pomegranates are expected to make an impact in future. New Vision 2Planning and customer relations forms a major part of Karsten Marketing (Pty) Ltd’s responsibility. Marketing plans are drawn up to fulfill market demand and detailed seasonal planning is done with the various production units to ensure compliance. They also responsible for collecting data and feeding information to both customers and the individual production entities, and ensuring that the traceability of all products is constantly maintained. To execute its logistics functions, Karsten Marketing (Pty) Ltd works closely with Horizon Fruits Logistics (Pty) Ltd, a logistical service provider owned by the Karsten Group in partnership with two other fruit exporters. They take responsibility for the fruit on dispatch and provide a full logistical service until point of delivery. New Vision 3In its marketing function Karsten Marketing (Pty) Ltd works closely with the two overseas marketing services companies of the Karsten Group, namely Karsten UK, located in the United Kingdom, and Newfresh, which is responsible for developing sales in the Middle and Far East.]]>